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I've been tinkering with RPGs again. Some people write fanfiction, some people draw fanart, and I come up with RPG homebrew. Even though I'm in three games right now--[personal profile] schoolpsychnerd's 7th Sea game, [ profile] mutantur's Call of Cthulhu game, and my own Warlords of the Mushroom Kingdom game--and thus have no time for another one, I just enjoy game design. My latest burst of creativity was spurred on by finding Heretical Shadows, someone's fan supplement for using the Shadowrun system with fantasy settings. It's something I've always wanted to try, since there's already rules for fantasy races, magic, and spirits, it's skill-based instead of class-and-level based, and it uses my favorite dice mechanic (giant pools of dice). But it would be a bunch of work for a game that I'm not likely to run anytime soon, so I'm glad someone else did it.

I keep thinking about tweaking it more, but I should actually run Shadowrun for a while first to familiarize myself with the system. I did a lot of tinkering with Exalted, but I ran that game for years. And anyway, one of my players perks up every time I mention canon Shadowrun so that's probably next in the queue. And urban fantasy cyberpunk is a good departure from grim sword and sorcery.

At [personal profile] schoolpsychnerd's suggestion, we sat down and watched an episode of Chef's Table about Ivan Orkin, a Jewish New Yorker who ran a ramen restaurant in Japan. So now I want to move back to Japan, and I really want a bowl of ramen. Especially his ramen, with its noodles made in-house using toasted rye flour. He's right that it's very unlikely a Japanese person would have thought to do that, especially since they usually buy their noodles.

This also reminds me of the first time I saw salarymen ordering noodle refills and decided to do it myself. I spent a few minutes psyching myself up and formulating how to ask and eventually said something like すみません、もう麺を一皿お願いします ("Excuse me, may I have another plate of noodles?"), and the ramenyasan looked at me quizzically and said かえだま (kaedama), the specific word for that very thing. Emoji Smiling sweatdrop I did get my noodles, though.

And speaking of food:

2017-07-26 - Farmer's Market Dinner

Vegetable salad! Last week, I suggested eggs as a protein as something we could do in the future, so this week [personal profile] schoolpsychnerd bought a ton of different vegetables and mixed them all into a salad. Lettuce and radishes, cucumbers and tomatoes from the same vendor, both soaked in a little vinegar, and shishito (獅子唐) peppers. Then that was topped with eggs from our usual meat vendor and the homemade ricotta cheese that [personal profile] schoolpsychnerd used on the sandwich last week. In the background is some homemade sourdough bread. We did not press our own olives and made oil out of it. Emoji bowing

Those eggs were delicious. [personal profile] schoolpsychnerd said they do deliveries and looking to see if we can get a regular egg delivery. Or, if it's too inconvenient, at least buying our eggs from the farmer's market for the duration of the market season. They were so creamy and flavorful and all-around amazing. I get one in my lunch today and I'm already looking forward to that and how they'll taste in the weekend dashimaki.

2017-07-26 - Farmer's Market Dessert

A nut torte, with almonds, walnuts, and cashews, and then topped with caramel. It brought to mind the toska tortes we used to get from the now-sadly-closed Andersonville Bakery, whose building still stands empty. I didn't think this one was as good as those, but that may be just 物の哀れ speaking. It was still really nice.

[personal profile] schoolpsychnerd bought one and we split it in half, so I had a bit of dark chocolate to go along with it.

Overcooked comes out on Switch tonight and we're probably going to buy it. Usually, if a game is multiplatform I buy it on PC for future-proofing reasons--I just recently played through a game from 1994 with no problems at all--but Overcooked is specifically local co-op only, and sitting on the couch next to [personal profile] schoolpsychnerd to play is more comfortable than both of us crowding around my computer. It's also about cooking, one of [personal profile] schoolpsychnerd's my treasured hobby. I'm looking forward to cooking together, on the back of two speeding trucks!


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