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I mentioned the trip that [personal profile] schoolpsychnerd and I went to visit my parents on the last Darker than Black post, but I didn't mention that part of the trip was celebrating her birthday a week early. They sent us home with presents, a card, and a parting word that she could wait to open them or open them right away, as she preferred. And as is tradition, they sent us away with chocolate. Since [personal profile] schoolpsychnerd waited to open her presents, I waited until after her birthday to eat this.

I do not really consider it to be a present.
Week 48 packaging
I'm not sure where the name comes from, and the website doesn't tell me.

If chocolate does have terroir, I think this chocolate came from a haunted valley.

It was very odd. Maybe I've been conditioned because the usual 85% cacao chocolate I have is Lindt, when I accidentally grab that instead of the 90% that I usually eat and am surprised by how sweet it tastes. This didn't taste sweet at all. Instead, it had some of that sourness that extremely dark chocolate often has, but not right away. There wasn't much taste at all when I first bit into it, then a chocolate taste, then sourness. It was disorienting and not entirely pleasant, and while I was glad that it went away as I ate more, I know that's because my mouth was coated with chocolate so that taste permeated everything. Now that I've eaten the whole bar and the taste is fading, the same thing is happening again, with the chocolate flavor slowly disappearing and my mouth just tasting sour. This may be the true flavor of Peruvian chocolate, but it's not a flavor I'll seek out again.

Week 48 chocolate
It's nicely scored, at least.

[personal profile] schoolpsychnerd's Opinion
My in-laws know me well and bought us some chocolate! I don't know that I have much to say about this chocolate other than that the texture was kind of off. I've had other 85s and this one tasted similar. The only thing is it felt like the chocolate was slightly aerated or something. I don't know that I'd get it again more so because it's not super special.
I forgot the texture, but [personal profile] schoolpsychnerd is right. It was crumbly in a way that chocolate with this much cacao usually is not. I think the best overall term is "uncanny."

Not something I'd get again.

Date: 2017-Jul-31, Monday 03:08 (UTC)
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I note that it's "soy free". I'm guessing the odd texture was that there wasn't soy lecithin, which IIRC is an emulsifier.


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