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This is about the Nazi rally yesterday.

Not about how the President of the United States of America is a Nazi, sympathizer, though he clearly is. Trump is perfectly capable of making strong, unambiguous statements when he has something he's actually interested in condemning. Saying "hatred, bigotry and violence on many side" is implicitly blaming those targeted by the Nazis as much as the Nazis. Trump cannot condemn racism and white supremacy because Trump is a racist and a white supremacist.

This isn't about the idiotic free speech arguments claiming that Nazis arguing that [personal profile] schoolpsychnerd and I should die are equivalent to us saying that perhaps we should not. It's the worst kind of Is-Ought fallacy, arguing that because that's currently the way that the First Amendment is interpreted that makes it somehow the best possible interpretation. They may say that this sort of free speech makes America great, but what I hear is, "We will only come to your defense when it's already too late."

Well, it's about those inasmuch as I've mentioned them. Emoji Cute shrug

No, it's about the claims that this "isn't America" that I've seen from politicians. In response to those, I submit this article. Madison Square Garden, 1939. Twenty thousand people showed up to cheer Hitler and complain about Roosevelt's "Jew Deal." And before that, when the Nazis were laying out the Nuremberg Laws, the meetings they held on the topic repeatedly returned to American legal segregation as an inspiration. The Nazis were, of course, perfectly capable of coming up with these laws on their own, but the fact that they looked to America is a lesson that many of us need to remember.

This is America. Most of the problems we still have can be directly traced back to slavery and the legacy of racism it left. The lack of socialized health care (partially scuttled by southern politicians' fear of integrated hospitals), the police state, Republican voter suppression efforts, a lack of a robust welfare state...

The hatred is coming from inside the house.

Date: 2017-Aug-13, Sunday 15:47 (UTC)
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This country is a fucking mess, and has been since it was founded. We have no business claiming a moral high ground in anything, yet simply criticizing bad decisions made by our government is grounds for being told "if you hate America so much, get out!" Uggggh.

Since we're here now, though, it is in our best interest to come together and make it work; however, such unity does not benefit our politicians at all, so they'll continue to divide us. Those Neo Nazis were practically given Trump's blessing. Fucking dick waste. It's sick and I want no part of this. He is my president in title only, but truly he is a fraud and a hateful, evil person.

I'm at a loss. The only solution I can think of is leaving, tbh. I mean, I'm white. I can be fine in this country if I sit down, shut up, and have babies that I don't intend to abort. Being fine because I'm white, though, is wrong, and I can't ignore that. I hate this.

Date: 2017-Aug-20, Sunday 20:06 (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] tilmon
Thank you for this.

Yes, I'm also disturbed by people saying racism "isn't America." I am even more disturbed by the ones who smugly talk about being on the "right side of history". History has no right or wrong side. It's merely the inexorable recording of events. There is no natural bending toward righteousness in the world, or even a definition of righteousness. If we don't personally take it into our hands to make the world into a world that reflects our kind vision of justice, those who take a vicious view will certainly make it into theirs. History, as pitiless as ever, amply shows that the winners are the ones who are willing to fight.


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