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dorchadas ([personal profile] dorchadas) wrote2017-06-09 05:21 pm

Ten years!

And many more to go!

Today is [personal profile] schoolpsychnerd and my ten year wedding anniversary. Kawaii heart emoji As I posted on Facebook, to put that into perspective, I made sure to set my AIM away message to "AFK, getting married" on my wedding day.

Unlike most events, since ten years is a nice round number we actually bought presents for each other. Usually our celebrations consist of going out to dinner or lunch, and we did go out to lunch today at a pretty good restaurant, but here we made an exception and also bought gifts.

This was my present to [personal profile] schoolpsychnerd.

2017 Ten year anniversary Present from me

I've had my eye on it for almost a year, but I wanted to wait until I could get ten years in the date range. After buying it, I realized that it might look like start and end dates, but it's celebrating a period of time.

Also this has our names on it, thus giving you the power to to bind and loose over us. Use it wisely.

This was [personal profile] schoolpsychnerd's present to me.

2017 ten year anniversary present to me

She told me that she wanted to get something that wasn't video-game-themed, since that's been the theme of a lot of the presents I've received lately. Moss is my favorite plant--I put a ton of pictures from Japanese temples up on our tumblr for the obvious reason, but also because they have a ton of moss gardens, like this one--but the climate means it's not particularly common around Chicago. Now I can have a small moss garden at all times. Kirby laughing

The moss is eventually supposed to grow and expand over those rocks, at which point I'll reposition the Kannon statue. We currently have it set up in the corner of our dining room, on the same small table as the pottery that Kaminaka-san gave us in Chiyoda and a spray of flowers. It looks quite nice.

[personal profile] schoolpsychnerd was considering a larger version with a small bridge and two figures walking across it but decided against it, and it turns out for the best. This was already big enough that it took some searching to find a location for it.
It's been a great ten years and I think it only looks up from here! Kirby heart