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i was cranky last night, so i watched some tv to cheer me up. it kind of worked.

the new (final) season of Rebels started this week. looks like they're going to be releasing two episodes a week for the next month or so.

spoilers for Star Wars Rebels through season 4 premiere, and The Clone Wars re: Mandalore )

october mood

2017-Oct-18, Wednesday 12:49
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Midnight Syndicate makes great October music.

(no subject)

2017-Oct-17, Tuesday 17:16
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There was a little girl,
Who had a little curl,
Right in the middle of her forehead.
When she was good,
She was very good indeed,
But when she was bad she was horrid.

my hair was short, above the ears short, for most of my childhood. there was a mullet at one point, and it did once get just past my chin all over, but i didn't actually grow it out until i was about 17. it always wanted to stand straight up or stick out. mom was always trying to smooth it out and turn the ends under, and complained about all my "cowlicks". she also had a thing about stopping stylists from layering my hair. what i discovered when it got long enough all over was that it wasn't actually straight-but-unruly, it was wavy.

it's only in the last few years that i've made a genuine effort to embrace the curl, and accept that what it wants to do is be messy. i'm on curly girl method attempt 2.5, and it's finally doing things i like.

stuff i had to learn about my hair:

  • my hair hates added proteins - silk, coconut, all that (i have a little conditioner graveyard)

  • no towels for drying hair, only t-shirts

  • don't brush it

  • stuff that works for tighter curls will often straighten my hair

  • anything that seals moisture in also seals moisture out and has to be completely stripped, if used at all

  • too short and the curl pattern won't develop, too long and the weight pulls it out

i don't get knots in my hair anymore, and most days it doesn't get touched with a comb at all. my curl pattern is tightening up - i would have called myself 2a/2b when i started out, now i see more 2c and i'm starting to get a 3a ringlet falling over my right eye. i'm thinking more about what i'm doing, but i'm not spending any extra time.

the best part: after a bunch of faffing around, the 99 cent Suave conditioner that smells edible is better than any expensive stuff that i've tried. i do still have a bottle of everything-free fancy shampoo, but since i only shampoo about once a week, it lasts forever.

currently i'm trying not wetting my hair in the shower on at least day 2 and day 3 after a wash. i have a spray bottle of water mixed with a dollop of the aforementioned conditioner; a spritz of that all over and a little finger-raking conquers bedhead.


2017-Oct-17, Tuesday 09:45
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 I know we still have a few weeks to go, but this morning it was cool enough to run outside - 63 and though it was humid, it was breezy, so that wasn't bad. IT WAS GREAT. I did four miles, saw the garbage truck guys, and got followed by a small dog I've never seen before. No collar or anything.
Today's errand day and I mainly need to go into Middleburg though I'm sorely tempted to go up to Jo-Ann's. I found some dessert recipes on Tastemade Japan and it's poking me to make goodies. But P'shaw, are cookies, cakes, and shit in line with your nutrition goals? Technically? No, but everyone needs treats now and then. I found this nifty recipe for Matcha Chocolate Layer Cakes,  (caution - autoplaying video) and put it into MyFitnessPal. If instead of four you cut it into 16 pieces it's only 145 calories a serving, and the squares are about the size of petit fours. For me personally, this is the perfect size to kill a sweet tooth. 
So at Jo-Ann's I'd be looking for other decorations besides gold leaf. It's pretentious and bourgeois. They might have those little candy pearls, though, which in white and green would look really neat against the chocolate and the matcha dust. I already own an offset spatula and double boiler, so I'm all set up there. Given how little of it I tend to eat anyway, I'd like to make my own desserts because the process is enjoyable and kind of soothing, I'll know almost exactly what's in them, and I found lots of things I can store in the freezer so I'm not "pressured" to eat them before they spoil.
That same site also has recipes for making those ridiculously thick, fluffy pancakes. They look so good OMG ... 

last week i revisited my youth

2017-Oct-16, Monday 10:42
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i watched Blade Runner many, many times on home video when i was inappropriately young. i'm the sort of person who is charmed when a newspaper gives politicians the Voight-Kampff test.* every time a walk sign makes an assistive noise, i internally chant "walk now walk now walk now".

the film led me to Phillip K. Dick's writing and a lifelong interest in a certain sort of fiction. it was my first introduction to climate change, to street noodles, to the idea of English-speaking white people as a minority culture, to flying cars, to mass extinction. i don't know if it blew my mind (because i wasn't formed enough) but it certainly made a lasting impression. i have lost count of the number of times i've seen it. my mental model of the film has the narration purely due to repetition, though i've seen the recuts most recently.

i was afraid of the new movie, but my woobies at Empire gave it five stars, and it was at the Bay, so on Monday i watched Blade Runner 2049.

it was good, really good. i don't want to say too much because i am so proud of the marketing avoiding spoilers, even though they would have attracted my attention.

bits of advice:

  • listen to the dialogue. there isn't much of it and a lot of it is significant.

  • there is violence against women. be prepared. i found some of it hard to take.

  • it's just as slow and arty as the first movie.

Wednesday was the SIFF members' meeting (AKA cheapest pass day) and a showing of I, Tonya. the Winter Olympics, and figure skating in particular, was something i followed avidly at the time (still do, but i don't watch as much television as i used to). it's interesting to have lived long enough to have movies made about events that i remember clearly. i have flashbulb memories of watching the 94 Olympics because i was in tour choir that year, so i was spending my February weekends doing run-outs to churches in the Mid-Atlantic and staying in host family homes watching on their television with other chorus kids.

the movie is good. it's a bit surreal at times, with occasional 4th wall breaks, and is darkly funny. what makes it all work is that the real story is so ridiculous. i do recommend seeing it, and then following up with the The Price of Gold, which includes the footage that is the source for much of the content of the film.

Margot Robbie disappears nicely into the role of Tonya. Sebastian Stan is nearly unrecognizable** as Jeff Gillooly. and Alison Janney is deliciously awful as Harding's mother. it was disconcerting for me, seeing these things i remember being recreated - the homemade costumes, Kerrigan screaming in pain, the restart at the Olympics.

*it's also a joke in the stage version of 21 Dog Years and my loud reaction embarrassed my seatmate to no end. in retrospect, that should have told me something i needed to know.

**Stan as Gillooly looks a lot like an ex. awk-ward.

Friday Five

2017-Oct-13, Friday 13:50
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via [community profile] thefridayfive

1) What is the first song you remember from your childhood?
tough to say. there was always music in my day to day life - Mom played the piano, there was always music playing around the house or in the car, everyone liked to sing along with whatever they were playing. when i was little my three siblings were still in the house but old enough to have their own music, so i was exposed to five different tastes in music.

i guess i'll say Bushel and a Peck because i definitely remember mom singing it to me when i was small enough to be rocked to sleep.

2) What is the first music you purchased with your own money?
pretty sure that was a cassette tape of Sports by Huey Lewis and the News. that's the one that had a bunch of hits, including I Want a New Drug.

3) What's a piece of music that you know by heart?
no, there is too much.

let's go with The Gambler. my dad had an 8-track of Kenny Rogers' Greatest Hits and we used to sing along in the car all the time.

4) What's a song that makes you turn off the music right away?
...i don't have that like i used to. i used to hate stuff that got overplayed, but the days of being unable to control what music is playing are over - i don't listen to commercial radio, i don't work retail, and i'm not stage managing musicals.

that said, i usually don't like to hear anything by Chicago.

5) And why?
there's something about Chicago's use of brass combined with Peter Cetera's voice that really sets my teeth on edge. there are certain tenor sounds that i just hate - Peter Cetera, Geddy Lee*...where i love the sound of Sting and Robert Plant. and i really like ska brass and the Blues Brothers.

but fuck Chicago.

*it has been a recurring minor conflict in my romantic life that i am largely unable to enjoy Rush because i hate the sound of the vocals. but apparently "likes Rush" is my type.

Boddies/clothing sizes

2017-Oct-12, Thursday 11:01
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NB: No shame to those going into the fashion industry, you guys rock. No shame to those who do fit into smaller sizes, like showing skin ect. This is really not intended to shame anyone.

Statistically, i am average sized in the US (Size 16 pants) That should be a “Medium” Guess what? Most places thats L, XL. Heck I wear 2X in some brands. I’ve stopped bothering with some types of clothes simply because they won’t ever fit.

Most stores don’t stock in my size, and if they do its a fraction of their clothing. A small fraction. I can’t shop men’s because fitting my T and A into those is laughable (or requires finding a belt, another fun challenge)

I can count on one hand the number of pieces of clothing i’ve found that fit well. If it fits my ass, it will be *way too long* Cause apperntly short “women” (for the industry i count as female ) don’t have curves, ever.

I am further limited by the notion that the industry assumes that everyone who has curves wants to show them off. V necks, tailored shirts, “boyfriend” jeans ect. And don’t even get me going on pockets. I effectively have to buy whatever fits or almost fits. I’ve outright stoped trying to fit into jeans, litterally none of them work. I *hate* wearing “nice” clothes cause litterally no slacks/blouses ect. (eg not my cargos and a t shirt) fit my body at all. And all formal wear is “tailored” and I don’t have the shape they think I should.
And it’s all inherently femme or makes me look like a 12 year old boy. Spoiler: i’m neither are things i’d like to be mistaken for. i tend to end up beeing forced to err on the femme side wich makes me feel like i’m putting on a show and makes me very, very uncomfortable.This is part of why i fervently dodge weddings, parties and so on. I hate hate hate dressing “nice” I can handle super formal but the middle ground is horrible. (Well that and I’m a huge introvert who hates being around strangers for countless reasons)

Even better, I have a temperamental stomach, so a lot of food makes me bloated. And at formal events I tend not to have control over food. Which means in all of this “curve hugging” bullshit I look like a sausage.

If i was the only person with this rant, I might buy that i’m just a wierd body shape or huge. But i’m not. That’s not body positivity, that’s mathematics.

I’m tired of feeling shamed because I don’t fit artificially impososed standards that don’t really apply to most people. I’m tired of body policing.

I deserve to be comfortable and I deserve to take up space without having to wear effectively a tent or a sausage wrap.

☆ 005 → bts hell

2017-Oct-09, Monday 21:29
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Soooo remember how I said in my last post that I was "sort of getting into kpop" but "just for the music" and I "have no interest in the members of BTS"? I LIED.

The backstory to this is that I desperately needed something to obsess over while I wait for the FMA live action to be released in a few months. (I'm just so excited for Yamada and I think the movie is gonna be great, okay?) Tried anime again; Nichijou is a pretty great series but nothing to obsess over. Games aren't doing it for me either. After the BTS DNA MV was dropped I was sorta feeling it? Initially I didn't think the song was as impressive as I had anticipated, but I still liked the song. Then on tumblr, someone posted the audio for the hidden track on the Love Yourself album, Sea. STRAIGHT. FIRE. I love that song so much. ;w; It pretty much sold me on BTS in general. So I decided to stop being an ~uncultured swine~ as the kids say nowadays and just stop being so goddamn stubborn about avoiding kpop. If the music is genuinely good, I'll just accept that I like it. I've been listening to literally nothing but HSJ lately anyway, so I saw this as an opportunity to find new songs. I listened to the other songs on the new album and even tried to learn the member's names. And that's when they just snuck up on me out of nowhere and pulled me into BTS hell. I don't know how or why. It just happened. I frantically tried to find a bias because let's be real, that's one of the best parts of being a fan of idol groups. Initially I thought maybe Jungkook? He seems to be the most popular. But eh, couldn't really get into him. Then I saw this performance of DNA and Namjoon's stupid red hat had me shook for days. DAYS. I think it's the way the red hat looks against his hair color or something, idk.

Buuuut then Yoongi was also at the back of my mind too. Don't know if I've ever mentioned this, but the very first time I found out about BTS was through Sakurada Dori, one of my favorite Japanese actors, who looks a lot like Yoongi according to the BTS fandom. At first I strongly denied that, but now I think he does depending on the pictures being compared. :< So yeah. Yoongi is my bias, and for kinda a dumb reason? A store that sells kpop stuff opened up close to my workplace literally the day before I really got into BTS, and so I went to check it out. They were selling pillows with pictures from the Love Yourself phonebook on them and of course my creepy ass wanted one. I was between Namjoon and Yoongi; I decided the Yoongi picture would seem slightly less creepy to anyone who sees my already creepy room haha. So then I decided to look more into him, and ugh, he's so freaking adorable. And he's so passionate about his music too. AND HIS MIXTAPE THO. A TRUE MASTERPIECE. Plus his personality is so relatable; he's just done with everything all the time and doesn't really show emotion all that much. ;///; Here's the Yoongi pillow along with the Love Yourself album and poster:

Also! Here is my ranking of the members as of now:
  • Yoongi
  • Namjoon
  • Jungkook
  • Jimin
  • J-Hope
  • Tae
  • Jin
Though honestly, Jungkook, J-Hope, Tae, and Jimin are practically on the same level for me. Unfortunately I'm not too familiar with Jin yet so I can't say much about him other than I really like his voice. uwu;;;

So yeah, I've already sold my soul for them and it hasn't even been a week. ;w; I already own two albums, Love Yourself and You Never Walk Alone. It's SO much easier to get kpop stuff locally/on American websites than anything Japanese. Plus they put all their songs and performances on Youtube which is great. I now understand why people criticize how Japan is so old fashioned with their media. Plus subbers seem to be pretty quick, so my issue with not knowing a single word in Korean is no more. uwu

Agh I just like their music so much! It's so refreshing to hear something different. Some of my favorite songs are: (and I'm sorry for not knowing the Korean titles for some ;w; i'll link my favorite performance for the ones I've watched!)Sorry if I don't post much about HSJ for a while; I actually made a Yamada/HSJ instagram account to practice my Japanese but I'm feeling so anxious waiting for FMA to drop, or something new. ;w;

Monday media

2017-Oct-09, Monday 14:35
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what are you currently consuming?
The Good Place. i binged all of season one last weekend, but now i'm watching season two episodes as they come out. i've loved Kristen Bell since Veronica Mars, and she gets to be gloriously goofy and abrasive. every character has some flaw that is vital to who they are, but they also manage to still be endearing or likable in some way. it could be highly reliant on cringe for its comedy, but it rarely is, in spite of its premise. it's much more about character dynamics. really enjoyable. for Netflix users, season one is 13 episodes of US "half-hour" sitcom, so it blows by in under five hours. it's a good way to spend an afternoon. i highly recommend it if you are looking for some escapist absurdism. also, it's a beautifully diverse cast, and that is very matter-of-fact.

i'm also (with the help of r/notapanelshow) watching the current season of The Great British Bake Off. it's still not the doom i was expecting. the history segments have returned now that enough bakers have been eliminated to open up time, yay! that said, Prue (the Mary replacement) is my least-favorite of the new hosting/judging team. she's mentioned "calories" more than i like - Paul has occasionally mentioned struggling with his weight, but more in the context of taking smaller portions. seriously, you can't do a show about baking and introduce worry or shame about eating the stuff they make. it's all sometimes food, the end.

i agree with a screencap i saw from someone on Twitter, that the proper ending to this season is Liam and Yan threatening to eat poison berries. i love them both too much to choose.

what did you recently finish?
Restaurant to Another World's season is over. it was delightful the whole way through and it sounds like there will be another season, so i just have to wait a year. *sob*

what will you consume next?
CW shows gear up in October, so The Flash, Jane the Virgin, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend are about to start. a bit after that, Star Wars Rebels returns. i have literally put these dates on my calendar. i don't know who i've become either, but okay.

meanwhile, i'm not willing to buy an extra subscription to watch Star Trek Discovery. and i feel like, as someone who occasionally enjoys the comics, i should be more interested in The Inhumans than i am, but i'm really waiting for the return of AoS.

Runaways will come out at the end of November. that has piqued my interest; this will be the first time i've read the full run of a comic that's being adapted. i'm concerned that they're going to pull back from the canonically queer characters, but we'll see.


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