Scream dream

2017-Jul-31, Monday 10:12
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It took me an hour and a half to fall asleep last night and then I had horrible dreams for most of the night, but it did lead me to empirical proof that sometimes movie cliches are real. In my dream I was exploring a run-down mansion or house, by myself, and at some point I went upstairs and saw someone else. Being a dream, I went over to talk to him and he turned around and had a fleshless skull for a face, much like the strange woman from the NES game Uninvited. He said something spooky, I screamed...and apparently screamed in real life as well, loud enough to wake up both [personal profile] schoolpsychnerd and myself. Fortunately, she rolled over and went back to sleep, though it took me a while to fall back asleep and then I woke up before my alarm.

I did not suddenly start up in bed with a gasp, though I have done that when I lived in Ireland, when I dreamed about a zombie cat trying to tear off my face. Eventually I will combine these two stereotypical incidents and have a real picture-perfect horror movie waking up moment.

Part of the reason I had such a hard time getting to sleep is that I was worried something would go wrong at work today. So far, nothing has, and I even got all of my vacation I need to take before the end of the year approved. Hopefully the day remains uneventful!
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I've dreamed more in the last week than I have in the months before that--or at least, remembered more dreams--and they're all about chasing or being chased. On Monday it was hunting vampires in a giant haunted mansion that was half chic restaurant and half abandoned wreck, like a hipster upscale Castle Gormenghast. I spent half the dream delving into the decaying hallways looking for vampires and half coming back into the restaurant with the glittering chandeliers, waiters in formal dress, white-tablecloth tables, and patrons glaring at me and my partner for daring to sully their experience. Probably should have let the vampires eat them.

Tuesday night it was the same location, but now completely ruined. I spent the time running from murderous ghosts, but unfortunately I can't remember if they were ghosts of the vampires, diners, waiters, or anyone else from Sunday's dream.

Wednesday I can't remember exactly what happened, but I remember waking feeling uneasy and harried. And not in the normal way.  photo _raincloud__rvmp_by_bad_blood.gif

And last night's dream was being a fugitive from justice, on the run from the government through a vaguely-southwestern-America-inspired landscape, all scrub grass and red dirt. I'd avoid them for a while, then they'd managed to track me down and corner me in an area with parallel ridges of bare stone exposed to the sky...and then the dream would start over. I went through three or four iterations, being caught every time, before I woke up.

What is it that I'm worried about? I can't bring something to mind, though I just realized that it might be self-reinforcing. After nights of dreaming of being chased, what do I expect to happen, and then what happens? We'll see what happens tonight.
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Judging from the graphical style I was playing Super Mario World, though not with any level set I knew. There was some kind of extra secret level mechanic, whereby completing a set of very specific conditions in a level would warp you to another level, provide a suite of power ups, and off you go. I was trying to get past a particular jump out of a pit that required jumping on the heads of three enemies in succession when I triggered one of those warp conditions and was pulled into a new level where I bat Mario. I warped in, assumed bat form and mounted on Yoshi among the gnarled, dark trees, a flame appeared and set Mario on fire, and then, Castlevania bats started flying in from both sides.

Then [personal profile] schoolpsychnerd came in and woke me up, so I'll never know what fire bat Mario's powers are.  photo emot-psyduck.gif
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The Game Boy was kind of a weird time. There were a ton of puzzle games, exhaustively (and exhaustingly) covered in Jeremy Parish's Game Boy World series. There were the games that were brought over and then jammed into an existing series, like how 魔界塔士 SaGa (Makai Tōsho SaGa, “Spirit World Tower Warrior SaGa”) became Final Fantasy Legend. There were the ever-popular licensed platformers with almost nothing to do with their source material, like the Batman game where Batman ran around shooting all his enemies in the face. And there were the spinoffs from popular Nintendo franchises. Sometimes this turned out badly, like the first Castlevania Game Boy game where the developers had to add a ton of invincibility powerups as compensation for the incredibly cheap enemy attack patterns and level design. And sometimes it turned out well, like Link’s Awakening.

A couple of years ago, I went to a concert called Symphony of the Goddesses that features orchestral arrangements of Legend of Zelda songs--I first wrote about it here when I went to an earlier arrangement--and they had a focus on Link’s Awakening. In addition to gameplay sequences from the DX version of the game, they had anime sequences they inserted cutscene style, made specifically for the concert. It was listening to that, to the music from a game I had never played and watching Link work his way through the dungeons, that first got me interested in playing through Link’s Awakening. [personal profile] schoolpsychnerd and [ profile] slarnos’s advocating for it also helped, and that’s why I started this game so quickly after I finished the previous Zelda game.

And I like the name a bit better in Japanese, I admit. ゼルダの伝説 夢をみる島, “Legend of Zelda: The Dreaming Isle.”

I, too, write my name on the back of all my possessions.

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Yesterday, [ profile] softlykarou accidentally woke me up while she was looking for something in our bedroom before she left for work, and it took me a while to get back to sleep. Eventually, after some fitful tossing and turning, I gave up on sleeping, grabbed my phone from my bedside cube (we sleep on a futon, so I have a low-to-the-ground cube instead of a table), and started checking Twitter. When that was exhausted, I grabbed my iPad, popped myself up on my pillow, and started reading the internet. Then, all of a sudden, my iPad's screen went all jagged like in this Super Mario Brothers video. After some fruitless effort to fix it, I was about to get up to go check my computer for information on how to fix it-

-and then I opened my eyes onto a dark room. My phone and iPad were both on the cube where I left them. My phone alarm going off had woken me up, which I assume, dear reader, you already knew because the subject of this post has "dream" in it. But I'm a little annoyed that the first dream I can remember in months is a dream of what I do every morning anyway with an anxiety-inducing ending.

WWII Dream

2016-Jan-14, Thursday 09:46
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I dreamed that my wife and I were in the Allied army during the invasion of Germany during World War II. It was a dream WWII, with pristine fields and a lot of people wearing civilian clothes everywhere, but in that dream way I knew where it was and what was going on.

Everyone was wearing civilian clothes and I don't think anyone had any weaponry, but we were advancing through the bocage in groups. My platoon was lead parents, again in civilian clothes, just strolling around. [ profile] softlykarou was with me too, plus a bunch of dream people whose faces didn't stick with me.

About the only indication that it was wartime was when we were securing an abandoned farm and we found a pile of dead animals behind the barn. A few farm animals, but mostly pets, like all the pets in the town had been taken to one place. Just flies buzzing around and the smell of decay in the air, but I haven't actually seen a pile of dead animals so it was more like a video game-style textured static object. It was just a bit unreal.

I kept expecting zombies or something to attack, because me dreaming about zombies is definitely a recurring theme, but no enemies of any kind, Wehrmacht or otherwise, ever showed up. It was just my parents leading the platoon through sunny fields and cutting through hedges while seeing no one and hearing no sounds of battle anywhere. Eventually, we found a farm that was occupied, and it's a good thing my father knew German (he spent his senior year of high school in Germany), because the farmer and his wife invited us in for breakfast. They were cooking eggs and frying up bacon in a surprisingly modern-looking kitchen when my alarm went off and I woke up. I'm positive the bacon was being cooked in a panini-style grill, which I'd bet money that few Germany families used during WWII.

I remember being worried what the family would think when I turned down the bacon, but I woke up before the dream got to that point.

I suspect this was all spurred by finally downloading episodes of the History of World War II podcast to listen to. I've had that on my queue for two years now, but I haven't gotten around to it until now, so maybe my brain thought it was momentous enough for it to show up in my dreams.
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I don't quite remember the dream that led to this post, but I'll describe it as best I can. It was mostly like a bizarre version of Underworld, with trenchcoat-wielding vampires fighting armies of what I thought of in the dream as beastmen, but which when I described to [ profile] softlykarou she immediately called werewolves. We (I was seeing from a vampire's point of view) were outnumbered, and only the power of our mighty katanas and our supremely athletic backflips allowed us to even hold our own.

Also, every once in a while the viewpoint would shift to a top-down view, where all the beastmen stood in neat lines and advanced on the heroic vampires, all in glorious VGA. It was very Fantasy Empires-esque, if Fantasy Empires had been set in the World of Darkness instead of in Mystara.

Here's the twist that made me write about it. I woke up, described the images I had to [ profile] softlykarou and asked her if she wanted to go see the movie, and she was incredibly dismissive of the idea. We had a brief argument about--and this is apparently the point where I actually stopped dreaming and woke up, because I asked her "Don't you want to watch the movie?" and she had no idea what I was talking about.

According to her, the sign I gave of my dream at all before I woke up was that I...warned her not to squish the futon. I'm not sure where that came from. Maybe the word "movie" got mangled on its way out of my mouth. Or maybe werewolves hate futons.

I specifically remember waking up in the dream and thinking I was awake now, so actually waking up was really disorienting. I can't remember ever having that happen before.
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I was staying in a hotel for reasons that weren't entirely clear. The hotel was built around a courtyard area, but a very odd one. The reception desk was just sitting out in the middle like a bar, with a balcony all around the irregularly-shaped room and all the hotel rooms on the mezzanine. There was a set of solid glass double doors off to the side that led out into a small garden, but one that was totally unlit for some bizarre reason.

The dream actually cycled through twice with a different man at the front desk each time, for reasons which will shortly become clear. I don't really remember the first cycle, but I do remember the revelation, which was that there were some kind of spirit possessing people and using the hotel as a blood ritual site. The first time through the hotel attendant was a shorter, heavy-set bald man, and now that I think about it, the second time it was basically H. H. Holmes, walrus moustache and all.

In the second cycle, I was staying at the hotel in a room that was near the stairs. Just before I went to bed, Bill Clinton and his security detail showed up at the hotel and wanted a room, and for some reason the attendant tried to throw me out of my room and give it to the whole ex-presidential group, even though my room was roughly 50% bigger than the bed it contained and there's no way even one person could fit with all their luggage. After a longer argument, I finally got everyone to leave me alone, shut the door, and perhaps remembering the previous cycle I got back up and threw the deadbolt. I lay in bed staring at the door until I saw someone move between the light and the crack of the door, so I got up and ran to it, but the door opened a bit--somehow, the deadbolt acted more like a door chain--and the crazed visage of the attendant thrust itself through the space opened up as he leveled a gun against my chest.

And then I woke up, heart beating and totally awake in an instant. I'm a little glad that [ profile] softlykarou had forgotten her Ventra card and was on the way home, because she came in and gave me a hug and I lay in bed and read after she left until I had to get up. My recounting mostly makes it sound ridiculous in the way that dreams often are, but it was definitely terrifying in the moment.

I blame Daylight Savings Time.
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It started out with [personal profile] schoolpsychnerd and making the snap decision to move back to Japan. The beginning glossed over all the preliminaries, like finding a job arranging transit, and so on, and pretty soon we were on a plane and headed back. We landed, made our way to the town where we would be living (which was not Chiyoda, even though parts of it looked like it) and went shopping for some initial supplies. The place we went shopping looked almost exactly like the small stores we stopped at at the foot of the climb to Mount Fuji, with the dark cul-de-sac and the products glowing through the shop windows and the mountains oddly close the shops. Having bought everything we needed, we headed back to our house and settled in.

The house looked nothing like any Japanese house I've ever seen. Now that I think about it, it actually reminds me a lot of my maternal grandmother's house, with overstuffed furniture and lace and dark colors and no tatami or shōji to be seen anywhere. In this most un-Japanese of houses, we unpacked, sat down, and I realized something with a start--I had forgotten to quit my job in America and it was Sunday evening! They'd be expecting me on Monday!

[personal profile] schoolpsychnerd tried to comfort me as a panicked about how to quit without being the jerk who suddenly quits right before they're supposed to show up. I worried that I wouldn't be able to find any jobs when I came back to America (something I remember worrying about at the time, too), and trying to figure out how to send them notice. At this point, we remembered that I had been interviewed too, during the shadowy job process that took place in the prelude of the dream, so we went to our luggage and pulled out the letter they had sent us. It was pretty short, and the only field I remember was the prospects one that just said: "Useless. Possibly retail or similar."

On that depressing note, [personal profile] schoolpsychnerd suggested I look up Game of Thrones for reasons I cannot remember at all. I mentioned that all I would find would be ways to download and watch it in Japan, and indeed that was pretty much all I found. I looked over at [personal profile] schoolpsychnerd, wondering what I should do, and then I woke up.

I also think [ profile] melishus_b was there in the beginning, but she vanished once the panic started.

I expect this is driven by Monday's layoffs, even though I wasn't affected.

Lucid alien dreams

2014-Sep-30, Tuesday 09:47
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We were in some kind of spaceship, which was still brightly lit and in good condition even though it had been uninhabited until we got there. I say we because there were a bunch of people with me, including [ profile] softlykarou, though I don't remember exactly why we were there. I think we were sent in to explore an abandoned ship and discover what had happened to the crew, Space Hulk style, though we weren't wearing any Terminator armor or even had any weapons or armor at all that I remember. I don't remember any kind of major organization either. It was just a bunch of people in street clothes poking around through bulkheads and down corridors trying to figure out where everyone had gone.

While searching, the group that I and [ profile] softlykarou were with heard some kind of telepathic broadcast, and we moved to investigate in that horror movie fashion where people just blindly walk into danger without even bothering to take proper precautions. We found a room that might have been a hydroponics station, and might have been a garden. Either way, it was filled with plants and the sound of flowing water, with a dais on one end. On the dais was a man in a grey robe, but he was subtlely...wrong. His skin was a little greyish, his eyes didn't reflect the light right, and his hair was suspiciously immobile as he moved. We all moved closer to him and he started talking, and in the manner of dreams I have no idea what he said, but there was some kind of altercation that ended with the man/alien/thing launching off a barrage of spines from his skin into the crowd. A couple of them hit [ profile] softlykarou, and as I saw the blood splatter and the holes in her skin I thought, "That can't be right."

And then the dream rewound back to the beginning of the scene where we entered the garden room. However, this time as soon as I saw the strange man, I ordered the other people with us to open fire. They pulled out their guns--and of course they had guns, because what kind of complete idiot explores a space hulk unarmed?--and shot the man, who died in an explosion of ichor and chitin, and that's when they started coming out of the G-ddamn walls. We started a fighting retreat back to the central area, and that's when I remembered that I had had this near-exact dream before. [ profile] softlykarou wasn't in it that time, but the same gleaming white walls and groups of people exploring a space hulk and horrible aliens murdering everyone was all the same, so I immediately started organizing the people, setting up patrol groups, making sure there were guards on chokepoints with overlapping fields of fire, that kind of thing.

And as I was doing that, the lucidity of realizing I had a previous dream and trying to change the current dream woke me up, so now I'll never know if my tactics would work better a second time around. On the other hand, the dream did convince me to head down to Dice Dojo and pick up a copy of Space Hulk after work. Their website says they still have a couple copies left.

On Night Terrors

2014-Sep-23, Tuesday 20:25
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This Geek Girl Chicago post reminded me of my own experience with night terrors. Fortunately rare and all when I was young, but I still remember some of them very vividly.

In the one I remember the best, I was standing on a bridge over a lake. It was somewhere in the Pacific Northwest--no surprise, since we were visiting my grandparents at the time--with the pine forested hills all around. The bridge was made of metal, or at least had metal supporting post. I remember because there was a small crab crawling along one of the bridge posts, and in the dream I watched it for a while, then picked it up and dropped it down the open entrance to one of the poles. I waited a moment, then I had an overpowering sensation that something vast and terrible was coming up the supporting pole, and I ran screaming off into the forest.

When I woke up(?), there was a crab perched on the ceiling, a meter across and slowly waving its claws at me. I just sat there petrified, staring up at it, until my father noticed I was awake when he was walking past my room. He asked what was wrong and I told him, still not taking my eyes off the crab, and after a moment, he said, "Well, tell it to go away." And it sounds ridiculous and I thought it was ridiculous at the time, but I guess it helped because I was able to close my eyes and eventually fall back to sleep.

The second one I remember, I don't actually remember the dream. I just remember suddenly waking up standing in the bathroom, with both my parents awake and having thrown my clothes in the toilet. My parents were asking me to pick my clothes out (since I had, after all, thrown them in there), but I just kept screaming "NO! NOOOO!" and running away, filled with some kind of nameless fear that I wasn't capable of expressing. And even at the time, there was a small part of my brain that wondered why I was doing this, and why I wasn't just grabbing the clothes so I could go back to sleep...but not enough to overpower the rest of my brain. I think after a long time, my parents eventually gave up, but I don't remember that.

Nowadays, I barely remember my dreams at all, which is why the dreams (夢) tag is so sparsely populated, and I haven't had a night terror in years. A lot of the vivid dreams I had when I was younger are much stronger in my memory than the dreams I have now, like the repeated dream of the house on the edge of the cliff and falling into the sea, or all of my friends being vampires. Remembering my dreams is so rare that when I woke up from a nightmare a few months ago with my heart racing and the sheets damp with sweat, the thing I was most surprised about was that I had been affected by the dream strongly enough to react to it. Maybe it's true what they say about your dreams dying as you get older--or maybe it's just my memory that's going.  photo emot-ohdear.png
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I was living in a house with a bunch of other men. Like a college situation, almost, but I didn't have a sense that there was a university attached, or really of anything outside the house. I also didn't know any of the men in real life, though I did in that dream, in the dream way where the odd or out of place seems ordinary.

The main focus of the dream was someone who looked like [ profile] softlykarou, but pretty much the whole dream I was firmly convinced that she wasn't really [ profile] softlykarou. I can't point to any specific thing she did or said that would have led to that conclusion, though. Other than her trying to steal all of our phones.

I don't remember most of the middle--I'm a bit astonished I remember any of this at all, since I almost never remember my dreams. The main thing I remember was at the end when we confronted her.

The front area of the house we lived in has turned into the front of the old Dominick's on Broadway, so there were people doing their shopping while I told the [ profile] softlykarougänger that if she left and never came back, we would not call the police. She didn't have the contemptuous, superior expression that she had before we caught her, and which I've only seen on the real [ profile] softlykarou during an RPG session. She was crying, and asking me how I could treat her this way, and if I could be so mean to her, what did that say about my relationship with the real [ profile] softlykarou? And in response, I dropped the stolen phones that we have recovered, called her a thief and a liar, and ordered her to get out.

And then I woke up. It was genuinely horrifying. I wish I remembered more in the middle, because I know there was a build-up where we discovered the [ profile] softlykarougänger was fake and confronted her about it, and I know I had some conversations with the other people in the house, but I don't remember any of the content. I just woke up with the last scene playing through my head and the feeling that I had been very unkind to [ profile] softlykarou. Fortunately, she just laughed when I told her about it.

I think the lesson I can take from this is that I would be just as conflicted as anyone else in a pod people scenario.

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Yeah, I'm mostly late to the party when it comes to video gaming.

I just beat Limbo literally seconds ago, after playing it over the last two days. As people told me, it's not that long at all--my time played on Steam is three hours, and that includes some time I had it alt-tabbed while I was doing something else at the time. The actual time necessary to beat the game is maybe 2/3rds of that, since I spent a lot of time dead, dying, or respawning.

That's my major complaint about the game--it is entirely based on trial and error. The developers even call it a "trial and death" game, which as good a capsule summary as I've ever seen. Typically there's no warning at all for when your next horrific death will occur, and you have to run over unstable ground and pull unknown switches and jump into pits without knowing what's below in the knowledge that at least Limbo has an extensive checkpoint system and you'll never be further back than one puzzle. Despite being occasionally annoyed with the next sudden death out of nowhere, there was only one section that I was annoyed at the place where I respawned, and it was just because there was a particular puzzle I didn't like.

I guess in that aspect, it's a lot like Super Meat Boy. The levels in Limbo are longer, but the distance between each individual checkpoint is about the same as the distance covered in a single Super Meat Boy level. On the other hand, Super Meat Boy demands a lot more on-point precision than Limbo does. The number of puzzles where you have to get everything right to the fraction of a second is very low and all of them are concentrated in the second half of the game. Usually, the pace is pretty leisurely, and I was lulled into a false sense of what the game was actually going to be about while I wandered through a shadowed forest until I stepped on a bear trap and my poor pre-teen shadow boy was mutilated to death. That clued me in to how the game worked real quick.

Speaking of the forest, Limbo is gorgeous:

That's one of my pictures. The one a couple paragraphs above is from the Internet, and if you like those a Google search will turn up plenty more. The entire game is cast in light and shadow, with most of the background in soft focus, leading to a kind of odd dreamlike feel. Which is just as well, because when you think too hard about it, you realize that you're getting a pre-teen shadow boy killed in dozens of hideous ways over the course of the game. The name of the game kind of implies the plot--your character died, and woke up in Limbo and now has to get out, or at least get somewhere else--but there's no dialogue and nothing is ever explained. There are a few hints that one can discover through the other characters in the game, if they can be called characters when they show up briefly and never say anything, and the setting. The first half is a forest, there's a brief primitive village in the middle, and the second half is more of an industrial/factory setting with spinning gears and levers and electricity.

I liked the first half a lot more than the second half. I think the art style complimented the forest setting a lot more than the factory, since soft focus and hazy background details fit better when you're surrounded by trees that are filtering out some of the light than when you see neon signs or unknown structures in the distance. The first half, with the pools and half-abandoned villages and shadowy figures barely seen and the giant spider, is far more sinister to me than the lonely factory. Even though I know it's all metaphorical, I still run into the same problem I run into with dungeons in RPGs, where I wonder who built this thing and why it's full of so many traps that anyone who actually lived there would die half a dozen times on the way to the bathroom in the morning. The main reason I didn't like the factory as much is just the loneliness, though. Shadowy half-seen figures are more interesting than spinning blades and falling crates. It wasn't enough to actively made the game bad, because the basic gameplay doesn't change. You're just dodging electric floors instead of thrown spears.

If the trial-and-error gameplay doesn't bother you, Limbo is a great puzzle platformer. Definitely recommended.
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Just the threat of zombies, which actually made it a lot more sinister, I think.

I was in Geneva, but it wasn't really Geneva. It actually looked a lot like Tokyo if Tokyo had been scaled down so that no building was more than ten stories tall, but I still knew it was Geneva because of that odd certainty you have in dreams. There was some kind of festival going on--I think it was a marathon or something--but anyway, the streets were filled with people. Despite the festival settings, the mood was pretty grim. There were a lot of odd rumors going around and people holding worried conversations, talking about riots happening far away, news of disturbances, that kind of thing. It was really Masque of the Red Death, actually.

I remember it being really jump-cutty, if that's a legitimate word. There'd be a scene where I'd overhear some people talking about how they hadn't heard from a friend for a while, and then I'd be somewhere else watching the runners but also seeing how everyone else was distracted and seeing the worried looks on people's faces, constantly ramping up the tension. The end result is that I slept pretty poorly and constantly woke up, and of course since it was one of those dreams, I just end up falling back into it once I fell asleep again.

It all came to a head in the early morning, when in the dream I started hearing this kind of odd roaring sound in the distance, maybe like crowds of people running. It was a marathon (I think?), but this was still really loud and out of character for the race. Some of the people nearby started looking around worriedly, and I looked in the direction of the noise and saw people running as fast as they can towards us and away from whatever was making the noise, and that was it. I had had enough, and I took off through the crowd away from whatever the other people were running from. I think I might have attended the festival with some friends, but at that point, everything was forgotten in my haste to get away. I ran for a few moments and then I woke up, my heart racing and almost sending me running up and out of bed before I realized where I was and that I was perfectly safe.

The last zombie dream I remember involved a lot more Resident Evil IV-style atmosphere, with me and whoever else was in the dream with me crowbaring and shooting them down by the dozen. I didn't even see a single zombie in this dream--I didn't even know if they were zombies, it might have been a Martian invasion or demons from Hell a la Doom--and it was a whole lot scarier than that other dream. Truly was it said:
The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.
-H.P. Lovecraft, Supernatural Horror in Literature

Feeling Crabby

2013-Jul-30, Tuesday 18:39
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So, I had another dream that I remembered.

I was in a gymnasium, or probably a dining hall, sleeping on the floor along with dozens of other people. The walls were all dilapidated, the floor was grubby, and everything was halfway along to being a location in Fallout 3, but one where more than ten people could be in the same room at the same time. There was a kitchen along the side of the room, with the doors out to the hall on the right side and a set of toilet stalls with their doors missing on the left. Hygenic!

The room was full of people, and everyone woke up (go to sleep, wake up in the dream!) and started milling around, wiping the sleep from their eyes, etc. I woke up in the sleeping bad across from someone who I think was my friend, but I can't remembering anything about them now. Anyway, we chatted for a bit, then some people came in and sit down on the toilets, and everyone started to line up. It turned out that work assignments were being given out, and people were queueing up to get tasks to do to earn money. I guess it was some kind of post-apocalyptic commune, but I don't remember enough details to be sure. I also don't remember whether they used bottle caps as money or not.

I stood in line and chatted with my friend, and when we eventually made it to the front, we got a task to go mop and clean. Not the room everyone was sleeping in, although that surely could have used it, but instead we needed to take keys to unlock the area that we had to go and clean. I don't remember exactly what happened, except I know that at somepoint later, the dream rewinded and restarted exactly the same as it was before...except this time, I was a sidewinder crab.

I woke up, chatted with my friend, got in line with a much lower point of view, and eventually climbed up onto the counter so that I could actually talk to the people handing out the jobs. I got the same cleaning job, picked up the keys in one claw, then had a moment of panic. How was I going to handle the mop if I had to hold the keys in my claw?! Of course, how I was going to open the door didn't occur to me. Nor did why all the humans in the hall not care about the crab who was adamant about helping clean up their living space. Then I woke up.

It was like some kind of domestic Tale of the Heike crossed with the pointlessness of CRPG fetch quests. Or like a LucasArts adventure game.

UFO Defense!

2008-Jun-08, Sunday 11:15
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First weird dream I've remembered in a while.

I was a member of XCom, from the computer game of the same name. As part of my training, I was going through a test to determine my ability to pick aliens from humans when the aliens were infiltrating human society--in this case, an XCom base. It was just me and my partner, and our job was to kill the aliens in the base without killing the humans.

During the first iteration, my partner was [ profile] ashiri_chan. We were in a big room which was apparently like a mess hall, except it was filled with all kinds of people just talking. Some other members of XCom came through a door in the side wall and went over to the XCom members and hugged them, apparenly thanking them for saving them from the alien menace or whatever. My first response was a sort of "God will know his own!" theory where I just shot them all. After they were dead, a lot of them made this weird "Zing!" sound and two forked tongues came out of their mouth, indicating that they were aliens. But two of them were human, so I failed the test and had to restart. The second time, my partner was a girl I knew back in high school.

It kept going like that for a while as I got more and more paranoid until I eventually gave up the test and left the base, only to realize that the secret underground XCom base was in the middle of downtown Batavia (the inside also looked like an office building). The dream ended when I and another recruit tried to ride off together to get out of having to accidentally shoot people all the time.


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