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I know we do a lot of chocolate from Raaka, but hear me out. Part of it is just because I have a chocolate subscription from them, so we get a lot of chocolate already, and I do try to mix things up. This week, though, there's a reason why we did this particular bar.
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This is mostly just going to be me rambling for a while.

So, I've stayed out of the various LARPs run by people in know in Chicago, usually turning them down with a note that "LARPing isn't my thing" or something similar, and I think that was pretty true at the time. But I'm not sure that it's an enduring truth, because I played in a Vampire LARP for about a year and had a pretty good time other than some problems that were mostly my fault.

It was when I was dating [personal profile] schoolpsychnerd and we'd trade off weekends visiting each other. Her college had a LARP, and I figured I'd join up because it took up the Saturday nights on weekends I visited her and sitting in her room for hours was pretty boring, really. So I made Ye Stereotypical Celtic Gangrel, Ciarán O'Connor, and signed on.

Alright, let me justify myself. I figured that since I was coming from out of town and didn't really know many people except through [personal profile] schoolpsychnerd, and certainly didn't talk to them when I wasn't in town, playing a loner made sense. And I didn't want to haul a lot of costuming material back and forth, so a rootless Gangrel made that easy. I wore the same clothes to every LARP--black t-shirt with white lettering, green cargo pants, no shoes (that was fun in the winter, especially for scenes outside). I did have a kind of meta-joke in that I changed out my shirt every game while keeping the same theme, but no one ever commented on it. I changed my posture so instead of striding everywhere like I usually do, I slinked. I kept my eyes always in motion, looking all around the room and constantly glancing away from people who were talking to me.

One of the aspects I was most proud of was what I came up with for my Gangrel's bestial feature. I have little (read: no) skill with makeup, theatrical or otherwise, and I didn't want to take the cop-out of writing something on an index card. So I came up with a bestial voice. I spoke with a feral growl whenever I talked and several times I had the satisfaction of seeing people who hadn't previously interacted with Ciarán jump when I opened my mouth. It was great.

The problem, of course, is that the LARP was around four and a half hours long and talking in a throat-ripping growl meant I had about ten minutes of conversation in me spread out over that length of time. That inability to interact with people kind of shot one of the main points of LARPing in the foot, and coupled with the lack of in-game connections I spent a lot of time sitting around in silence, which isn't fun no matter what the setting is. Eventually, when Ciarán sat on the Primogen Council for a night while the primogen and whip were both busy, he figured that the spotlight had gotten too hot and it was time to move on before heat led to fire, and various things meant I didn't really want to make a new character.

However, the basic premise--dressing up, adopting different mannerisms, acting everything out instead of saying "my character does..."--was a lot of fun, and maybe I've been letting some mistakes I made taint my appreciation for the whole. Maybe I should give it a try again.
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Do you have to pay a $218 trillion phone bill? I didn't think so.

...of course, he probably won't either (I doubt there's even that much money in the world), but it's interesting news.

SquirrelCon was last weekend. For those of you who don't know, it's the annual gaming convention that Knox College hosts. There were some hang-ups (confusion about times, a couple cancelled games, including the Exalted game I was going to play in), but all in all, I'm told it went much better than it did last year. I would have been there last year, but it was the same weekend as ACEN. Priorities.

I got to play in a Seventh Sea game which ended well for all concerned (except our foes), as well as play some more Kingdom Hearts II. Not as much as I might like, though, because several other con attendees fell on my copy like starving wolves.

My annual review at work is coming up on Wednesday. I don't think I'll have any problems, but I guess we'll see.

Happy S.A.D.?

2006-Feb-13, Monday 18:12
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I like Knox parties. Party with a Heart On was fun--they played more than the profusion of R&B that they had on last time, so I enjoyed dancing more, and even though I felt sickish and sleepy at the end, I still went home happy. Yay! I just have one question: where does the phrase "hug dancing" come from?

Killing zombies is always politically correct. This is what Resident Evil has taught me. Also, none of the malls around here have single gloves. Maybe people only lose gloves in pairs?

I had a lot more to write, but now I can't remember it. Maybe it will come back later.
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That's one of the lines from Reefer Madness: the Musical, which I watched with [personal profile] schoolpsychnerd and a bunch of her suitemates on Saturday. It was hilarious. I liked it enough that I'm seriously considering getting a copy myself. It follows the original pretty closely, even using the same lines in some cases, but also manages to incorporate a Jesus dance number, zombies, Communism, and, of course, music. If you get the chance, watch it!

I beat Xenosaga. It was, perhaps, the most non-final ending ever. I leave the game only slightly less confused as I started, so don't ask me to explain the plot to you. And from what I hear, Xenosaga II doesn't do much to clear up all that confusion. I'll still play it, but...

I was invited to go watch Neverending Story at two of [personal profile] schoolpsychnerd's friends' apartment on Friday night. We created a drinking game--any time anyone said "Bastion," "The Nothing," "Atreiyu," "The [Childlike] Empress," or there was a transition between the real world and Fantasia. Needless to say, we stopped playing about halfway through the movie :-p We also had chips, which were really good. Thanks for inviting me (even though the people who did aren't reading this)!

LARP was slow. I showed up late and left early, though the leaving early was due to in-game reasons (raid/recon on Sabbat house). Ciarán is getting much more interesting now that he's actually involved in the plot. It almost makes me not want to switch over to that Assamite Sorcerer. Almost. Anyway, there's a new Prince, and in true Ciarán fashion, he already doesn't trust him due to a comment about 99% of a vampire's life being manipulation. It's true, but the fact that the Prince was willing to say it outright was a mark against him. I also got involved in a discussion about the nature of vampirism (rising above the Beast vs. always remembering you're a predator). It was pretty interesting, and I wish it happened like that more often.

Next weekend--Stepmania at DDR night!

Edit: Oh, an anonymous caller called into the Beacon today and said they really liked my columns. Yay fans!


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