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Love it when someone I knew in university reposts a status from a Nazi in his zeal to condemn people for caring too much about the Manchester bombing and not bombings in Syria or Iraq.

The shared post only mentions "Zio-Imperialism," which is a pretty big red flag. So I tracked down an essay by the writer about how accusations of antisemitism are offbase and, well...

Blatant antisemitism )

I can probably stop there, I think.

I'm going to defriend him regardless because he's been close to this edge before multiple times without stepping over, but I at least want to hear his explanation.
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Step 1: Go to
Step 3: Click "analyze."

When I actually use my own writing, I get different answers:

My 2004 NaNo (an Exalted story of the First Age, using the previous incarnations of my game's characters): Neil Gaiman.

My 2006 NaNo (The story about magic coming back and a ton of people dying that I won with, and posted a bit here): Lewis Carroll.

Five Years After (A story about two people having coffee 5 years after college): Lewis Carroll again.

Is the Life (A story I wrote for a writing contest in high school. It has vampires): Chuck Palahniuk.

The Gates of Horn and Ivory (My 2005 NaNo, unfinished): Anne Rice.

The First Step (A short story using the same characters as the previous entry, but otherwise unconnected): Chuck Palahniuk again

Watcher's Eyes (A story set in the world of the novel I was writing in high school): Lewis Carroll again.

Fallen One (A story about the trial of an angel): Dan Brown. I guess it's the angel bit?

Shadow Realm (A bit of random, pointless drivel, in my opinion): Ursula K. LeGuin

The Mask and the Mirror (One of the old "Aaron Knight" stories I wrote. Tentatively connected to the same world The Watcher's Eyes is, but only in unimportant backstory): William Gibson.

Some of those stories I still like, and some I read and cringe hard enough to break bones. Nonetheless,

The most hilarious thing, though. If you go back to that website and just type, "lolololololol" over and over again, guess what it tells you?

William Shakespeare.

Perhaps there is more to internet trolling than we think.

Literacy is important

2010-Mar-03, Wednesday 21:53
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So I was talking with one of the other teachers today and said that I had bought a bunch of bad English T-shirts for people as Christmas presents. She said that you could find equivalently-bad Japanese T-shirts in Hong Kong, and I mentioned the practice of getting kanji tattoos. She said that when she was in Australia, she considered getting a tattoo but changed her mind, and then mentioned that she had met an American marine once who had a kanji tattoo that he had gotten because he thought it looked really awesome. It was 台所 (daidokoro). He liked the boxiness and sharp lines of the characters.

The problem is, that's Japanese for "kitchen."

She couldn't really take him seriously after that.
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One of [personal profile] schoolpsychnerd's students came up to her and said "your husband." [personal profile] schoolpsychnerd told her my name, at which point the student nodded and then said, "Want." She later tried to grab [personal profile] schoolpsychnerd's boobs.

I have no idea what kind of statement she was trying to make.


2008-Aug-23, Saturday 23:01
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Canteloups cost 1580円 each?

Screw teaching English. I'm going to be a melon smuggler.
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A warning--this entry is ridiculously long, since it has all the entries I would have made over the past three weeks. As such, I'm LJ-cutting it. I'd like to think it's neat and interesting, but...well, it's lengthly. Individual entries have been separated to prevent the "Wall of Text crits you for 9999, you die" problem.

Long entry is looooooooooooooooooooooooooooong )
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Does God approve of your threesome?

You can find the weirdest stuff on the internet, if you're willing to look through all the tubes for it. ^^


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