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​I will warn you now, dear reader, that this is my most biased review yet. How could it not be? I've been eating See's marzipan dark chocolates for almost as long as I can remember. My grandparents always gave boxes to me and my father at birthdays and holidays, and then my father continued the tradition whenever he went west to visit them, and I'm sure that should I have children they will also be receiving boxes of See's from me on appropriate events.

I mostly hate #brands and I follow See's on Facebook, such is the depth of my love.

They sell a lot of other chocolates, but I've literally never eaten any other kind until I was in my thirties and it was possible to order them and have them shipped. At that point it was worth it for my parents to order other kinds since they would no longer be taking up marzipan luggage space with it. And their assorted chocolates are good. But not as good as this.

The one-pound box is not easy to photograph.

See's is delicious. The end. All of you can go home now.

In some ways I already wrote why it's so good in my post about Niederegger Lübeck Marzipan Classic. Marzipan is delicious but very sweet, and in these chocolates See's coats it with a thicker dark chocolate so it actually takes work to get to the marzipan inside. I usually eat these by popping them in my mouth and letting the chocolate melt so I can clear off any sweet taste on my tongue so I'm perfectly prepared when the marzipan hits. Then it all melts away, I pick up another chocolate, and repeat.

The most I've ever eaten is three in one sitting, through supreme effort of willpower. But of course, there are many sittings in a day.

If I had to pick out some point of contention, I would say that the chocolate wasn't quite dark enough. If it was a bit more bitter, if it resisted melting on the tongue a little more, if it provided just a bit more contrast between chocolate and marzipan, I would be comfortable calling these the best chocolates in existence. As it is, I can only say that they are my favorite and leave open the door that something out there is superior.

But I doubt it.

There are caramels on the left. We're not talking about them.

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See's is something I hadn't been introduced to until I married [personal profile] dorchadas. They were a thing you brought back from the West coast in the early days of our marriage, like how my dad would bring back chocolate seashells when he visited Floridia. A kind of omiyage. Now you can order them online and they have kiosks in more than a few airports. The dark chocolate marzipan will always be my favorite. It's just sweet enough and the almond filling is everything I want. The consistency of the filling is firm and smooth. The dark chocolate is neutral enough that it doesn't compete and keeps the whole thing from being overwhelmingly sweet.
it's like our relationship. Originally we lived hour apart and could only see each other at predefined times, and now we're always around when we want each other's company. And like the chocolate, we're both bitter and sweet. I'm the bitter and she's the sweet.


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