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This weekend [personal profile] schoolpsychnerd and I are in Portland for a wedding! I'm sure I'll be writing all about that tomorrow when I have more time to write, but at the moment we're sitting in my sister's apartment, where she kindly offered to put us up for the weekend, and eating chocolate. We walked downtown yesterday to one of Portland's farmers' markets, and after buying smoked salmon and a load of spiced cheese curds, my sister said that she and her boyfriend were going to go to Moonstruck Chocolate for dessert, so we tagged along. [personal profile] schoolpsychnerd jokingly said that we should do a Darker than Black about the truffles we are, but then I noticed they had chocolate bars.

Of course, we had to buy one and try it. And of course, when I realized how extremely unlikely it was that it would survive the trip back home undamaged, I suggested we eat it now, on Sunday morning after our breakfast of fresh local wild salmon and eggs. What better time to have expensive hipster chocolate?

Notice the different background! Darker than Black goes on the road.

This is by far the most expensive chocolate bar we've eaten for Darker than Black. It cost $12, where our average expenditure is maybe half that, so I felt that it would have to be the most amazing chocolate bar ever made to deserve that price tag. But to my surprise, I'm pretty pleased with it because it's actually really good!

There were bits of dried cherry on the back of the bar, so the advertised cherry taste came through just fine. It was the flower taste I was more dubious about, because it's my experience that edible flowers often don't rally taste like anything and are usually included to increase the perceived sophistication of a dish. That's probably a secondary reason here, but there was actually a sweet and, dare I say, floral note to the chocolate when I bit into the flowers. Crystallized means a lot of the taste was sugar, but not all of it.

The best part was how well it all fit together. Flavored chocolate often seems to swing either too subtle or too obvious, but there was no point I was eating this bar where I had a sudden burst of something else that overpowered the chocolate taste. It all marched hand in hand onto my taste buds together as brothers in arms. The price point is justified.

Melting marks already. It's good that we ate it when we did.

[personal profile] schoolpsychnerd's Opinion
So I picked this bar and then had a bit of a panic at the price tag, but [personal profile] dorchadas assured me it was ok. I loved how it looked and tend to really gravitate towards floral flavors in desserts (lavender is a particular weakness, rosewater too). The chocolate was smooth and while not the darkest, well balanced and high quality. It even melted in my hands which tends to not happen because I have icy hands of death. I don't know if I could justify spending 12 dollars again on chocolate outside of a very special occasion, but this was delicious and well worth it.
Maybe my taste buds are just not subtle enough to pick out the floral flavors. Or maybe my love of overwhelmingly dark chocolate and spicy food has dulled them to the more delicate flavors in food?

She really does have icy hands of death, though. Can confirm.

Date: 2017-Jun-18, Sunday 18:35 (UTC)
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Moonstruck Chocolate is amaaaaazing. My partner once got me the raspberry/fennel bar and it was also fantastic.


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