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I'm sorry, ever since I heard what Resident Evil was called in Asia I've thought it was a much better name. The Western name makes sense for the first game, and from what we've seen up the upcoming game it works for that one too, but Biohazard is obviously more fitting for the others.

This is one of the many games I played through in [ profile] uriany's basement, along with twenty runs of Chrono Trigger, parts of Resident Evil III, parts of Final Fantasy VIII, and others more numerous to count. I handled most of the action and he handled most of the planning, because I was better at the quick-time events and he was better about remembering where to go and where all the treasures were hidden--and he enjoys watching other people play video games more than I do. After we beat the game and unlocked Mercenaries, for hours at a time we'd trade off and try to get a higher score, spotting each other for chainsaw-wielding murder machines, suggesting routes, and just having a blast. I don't often miss the days before I moved to Japan, but those days just playing games together are one of the things I miss the most.

Ridiculous fishing.

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Silent Hill II is one of those games I've always heard good things spoken of as one of the pillars of survival horror, but I've never played it. And I figured I would never play it just because I have so many other games to play, so I listened to the Watch Out for Fireballs episode about it, thought it sounded pretty neat, and let it lie. Then a friend told me that she had copies of Silent Hill II and IV and that she couldn't bring herself to play them and did I want them? I told her that yes, that would be lovely, and when October rolled around I put Mass Effect II down and picked up this appropriately-spooky replacement.

Note that this review will be chock-full of spoilers with no rhyme or reason as to their placement. Like James, you have been warned.

You should have listened to her, James.

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