2017-Apr-27, Thursday

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I've dreamed more in the last week than I have in the months before that--or at least, remembered more dreams--and they're all about chasing or being chased. On Monday it was hunting vampires in a giant haunted mansion that was half chic restaurant and half abandoned wreck, like a hipster upscale Castle Gormenghast. I spent half the dream delving into the decaying hallways looking for vampires and half coming back into the restaurant with the glittering chandeliers, waiters in formal dress, white-tablecloth tables, and patrons glaring at me and my partner for daring to sully their experience. Probably should have let the vampires eat them.

Tuesday night it was the same location, but now completely ruined. I spent the time running from murderous ghosts, but unfortunately I can't remember if they were ghosts of the vampires, diners, waiters, or anyone else from Sunday's dream.

Wednesday I can't remember exactly what happened, but I remember waking feeling uneasy and harried. And not in the normal way.  photo _raincloud__rvmp_by_bad_blood.gif

And last night's dream was being a fugitive from justice, on the run from the government through a vaguely-southwestern-America-inspired landscape, all scrub grass and red dirt. I'd avoid them for a while, then they'd managed to track me down and corner me in an area with parallel ridges of bare stone exposed to the sky...and then the dream would start over. I went through three or four iterations, being caught every time, before I woke up.

What is it that I'm worried about? I can't bring something to mind, though I just realized that it might be self-reinforcing. After nights of dreaming of being chased, what do I expect to happen, and then what happens? We'll see what happens tonight.


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