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So the American government decided to send a carrier group to the Korean peninsula as a show of force against Korean nuclear ambitions, which prompted the representatives of the Eternal Lich President to issue its own response.

And then an hour ago, I saw that [ profile] nhk_kokusai had tweeted this out:

Here's my translation:
Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga [Yoshihide] highlighted that, in relation to President Trump's deployment of the military toward North Korea and refusal to lift sanctions, while America and South Korea maintain their cooperation, [Japan] must be prepared in case an evacuation of Japanese citizens living on the Korean Peninsula becomes necessary.
So, they're at least admitting the possibility of another war. Remember when people assumed that our Dear Leader would be an isolationist who wouldn't go around starting wars, unlike that hawk Clinton? Those takes, as they say, did not age well.

At least Twitter will keep us entertained in the 20 minutes after the missiles launch.

Date: 2017-Apr-15, Saturday 08:21 (UTC)
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Yea, this would be BadTM.

-Those takes, as they say, did not age well. -

The Clinton hate really was not borne out of any comparative analysis of policy, even at the time.

Date: 2017-Apr-15, Saturday 14:00 (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] schoolpsychnerd
Thank you for the translation


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