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Love it when someone I knew in university reposts a status from a Nazi in his zeal to condemn people for caring too much about the Manchester bombing and not bombings in Syria or Iraq.

The shared post only mentions "Zio-Imperialism," which is a pretty big red flag. So I tracked down an essay by the writer about how accusations of antisemitism are offbase and, well...

Zionism is a supremacist force of destruction and manifests itself as “rightist” or “leftist” at will to further its agenda.
And as if this wasn’t painfully obvious enough already, the origins of Zionism are entirely Jewish, birthed in the mental womb of a hideous supremacist largely forgotten by history. Long before Herzl, there was Moses Hess, or more aptly, Rebbe Moses Hess, a fanatical Talmudist who placed the self-anointed racist rabbinical ‘sages’ on a higher station than prophets and who deemed the Jewish people possessors of a collective, legislative genius that will bring forth their resurgence in the land that they call “Israel.” Rabbi Hess went as far as deeming the Jewish people their own ‘God (25).’
Let this next statement ring from pillar to post in the Solidarity Movement, from western hemisphere to eastern hemisphere, in the hearts of the religious and the non-religious and in the minds of all persons from all political persuasions: National Socialism is dead and has been so for nearly seven decades; it was decapitated at the behest of international Zionism by the crippling military might of the Allied Powers. Adolf Hitler is dead too and he is not coming back; ever. Nazism is not the beast devouring our world today and Hitler isn’t the figurehead of the beast.

These two things are apparitions; they are boogeymen kept alive and perpetually invoked by the real “powers that be” to deter investigation into their criminal intrigues; nothing more. Zionism and Jewish supremacism are the interlocked demons eating away at the heart of our earth at the present moment, they are the forces behind the vast majority of the world’s problems and they are certainly, without a doubt, the driving force behind every major war of the last century.
For the sake of truth, it must be said: the “annihilation of the Jews” narrative that has been relentlessly pumped into the consciousness of humanity since the rise of National Socialism is a farce. A hardcore dose of wartime propaganda that began in the spring of 1942 with hasbara cooked up by Jewish and Zionist agencies and then disseminated throughout the Jewish press. These unconfirmed and uncorroborated sensationalist reports about Jews being steamed to death, suffocated to death, pressed to death, electrocuted to death and gassed to death were then picked up by Zionist media apparatuses in both Britain and America, including the BBC and the New York Times, and were repeated as factual happenings. Not a single one of these reports were rooted in factuality; not one. In reality, hundreds of thousands of people, many of them Jews, died in the Nazi work-prison camp system from exhaustion, malnutrition and the typhus epidemic because the Hitler government failed to provide them the proper food and medicine. But this wasn’t deliberate. It was due to the sadistic 6-year blockade and the barbaric, deranged and cruel saturation bombing campaign carried out against Germany by the Allies, chiefly the Zionist-occupied United States.
And the question, as always, is “WHY?” Why are the Armenian, Ukranian and Iraqi Genocides, all of which are rooted in graphic, prolific historical fact and detail, denied, downplayed and minimized by the establishment media? Because the establishment media is the Zionist media and the Zionist media is an instrument of the Jewish supremacist agenda. The Armenian, Ukranian and Iraqi Genocides weren’t Jewish, and because of this obvious but very telling fact, they aren’t newsworthy in the eyes of the Zionist media and the stooges that it employs as “reporters.”
The Iraqi people were sacrificed on the altar of Zionism and this must never be revealed to the public because it may just prevent future wars of Zionist aggression from occurring.

I can probably stop there, I think.

I'm going to defriend him regardless because he's been close to this edge before multiple times without stepping over, but I at least want to hear his explanation.

Date: 2017-May-24, Wednesday 20:00 (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] facetiousfutz
What I got from that essay was "the holocaust was a lie made up by Jews." And that's not antisemitic HOW exactly?

Don't feel bad if you defriend him. I've probably deleted more people than I've added because of stuff like this.

Date: 2017-May-25, Thursday 12:57 (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] pshaw_raven
I read the first sentence and I'm like, nope. Nope nope nope. Defriend his Nazi ass.

Date: 2017-Jun-04, Sunday 17:56 (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] tilmon
Oh wow.

It's a bizarre bend of mind that dismisses all the concrete evidence of intentional Nazi atrocities against Jewish populations. Zionism is only Jewish nationalism, and no more inherently dangerous or benign than any other nationalism. Singling out Zionism among all the other nationalisms in the world is in itself anti-Semitic.


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