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It's probably not a good idea for me to read climate news right before bed.

I've since read some cogent critiques of the piece, pointing out its Eurocentrism and factual errors like the invocation of medieval stasis in the idea that for thousands of years, people would live mostly the same as their parents and grandparents did. This was the popular conception even at the time--see all those medieval paintings with Jesus and the disciples dressed like someone from medieval France--but it was never actually true. There were a lot of changes over that time, just none as visible from the modern age as the industrial or green revolutions.

There was also a good point about the wisdom of "The situation is bad and requires immediate action" vs. "Your descendants will ritually curse your names in the ruins of their ancestors' cities." The first is true, the second might be true, but encourages paralysis. If civilization is doomed, why bother trying to save it? Live in luxury now while it's still possible. Eat, drink, and be merry, etc. I'm definitely inclined more towards inevitable doom, but more in ScreamingInternally.jpg model than the conspicuous consumption model.

I could have written this last night around 1 a.m., but fortunately I've developed better bedtime discipline as I've gotten older and I just stayed in bed and kept trying to sleep.

I'm slowly making progress on re-linking all the photo embeds to their new hosting. I've done Darker than Black, all my video game reviews, and my Japan, Chicago, Translation, Warcraft, and Travel tags. Now I'm working on Fifty Weeks, Fifty Curries and then I'll get to the RPGs tag and that'll probably be the vast majority of everything necessary. I'll catch the last few photos when I find them.

Tonight is the next session of Warlords of the Mushroom Kingdom after a month hiatus due to conflicting schedules. We left off right before the protagonists and their hired mercenaries entered a cave system in pursuit of a group of necromancers. They've spent half-a-dozen sessions tracking down the source of the walking dead plague and following them to this cave system, and now the climactic battle happens against at least three necromancers and whatever else is down there. They're mostly uninjured but fatigued, having force-marched through the day to arrive before sundown, and while they have mounts the mercenaries were on foot. Who will win? This or that by brokenboulevard
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For the first time in a long while, I actually added some icons into the pool I'm using!

I only had one Japan-related icon, and even that I only added after I moved back to America and then edited into some old posts. This provides more diversity I could have used then. The left one is a picture of the Atomic Bomb Dome in Hiroshima City that says "Peace to the world," the middle one a picture I took of 壬生の花田植 (Mibu no Hanadaue), a 500-year-old rice planting festival in Chiyoda. The text there is the Japanese version of "When in Rome"--gō ni itte wa, gō ni shitagae, "When you go to your ancestral village, follow their rules." The icon on the right says "Land of Eight Million Gods." It's from a picture I took of a shrine to Inari we stumbled on while wandering through the hills of Kamakura.

There's one more icon I have that was sitting in my icons folder. I didn't make it, but I don't have the source anymore:

That should come in handy when I post about studying Japanese. Emoji Smiling sweatdrop
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This is normally a day when I'd be writing up a summary of our Warlords of the Mushroom Kingdom game last night, but it was called off at the last minute when one of the players came home to find their apartment had been broken into! The thiev(es) didn't take much, fortunately--they even left the WiiU behind, which seems like a joke itself--but that's not that much compensation. And they are moving in a month...  photo emot-ohdear.png

So instead, I spent most of last night playing Majora's Mask doing the Woodfall Temple. I'm not sure how I feel about Majora's Mask's yet--I've already lost about an hour of time due to freezing and the save system only allowing saving by restarting the three-day cycle, but I love the focus on a small city and the people who live there. I can definitely see a continuation of Link's Awakening, with its weird characters doing strange things and Link stumbling into the middle of it all and trying to sort everything out. I just wish I had a better sense of what's going on.

It's the problem with trying to learn a language. I don't want to read children's books or play games with little dialogue, because then I'm not actually getting any practice in. Studying requires pushing into areas I don't know. But that means that I'm never quite sure I understand the plot. I've got a walkthrough open in the background because of these issues, and I've already made a couple major errors that confused me until I went to check, like thinking that the monkeys in the swamp had captured someone instead of being captured by someone (Xに捕まえられています). The broad strokes I understand just fine, but in a game where it's very important that I'm in particular places at specific time, I need to understand the nuances to be able to play.

I redid the background image on my Dreamwidth page so it's locally hosted and shows up in 1080p. I tried a couple images of Tokyo in the rain, but they didn't display up well--with everything else on the page, it was just a blur of neon barely visible in the background. Which I suppose is accurate to some nights I've spent in Tokyo, but it doesn't make for a good aesthetic.  photo emot-fuckyou.gif

Looking forward to a low-key weekend and hopefully being able to finish Majora's Mask!
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Well, the time has finally come.

I've had a Dreamwidth for years, ever since the initial migration, and I've always kept it updated with content from my Livejournal just it case. It turns out that case has arrived. I'm still waiting for the comments to import again, but a lot of the conversation on my posts has moved to Facebook and Twitter anyway. I'll be sad to lose some of those old comments if they don't import, but not too sad. And I'm not super interested in making sure that my blog follows the laws of the Russian Federation with respect to political or sexual diversity content.

I'm not looking forward to fixing all the internet links on my posts. Since I extensively link to things I've already written, there's a lot of Livejournal links buried in everything I write. I'll get to it eventually, probably starting with stuff like my video game reviews and my let's play of Baldur's Gate II, and move on from there. If you're someone who looks through my old posts, I ask for your patience.

Sigh. I used LJ for 14 years, but all things end. 永遠のものがない, after all.  photo shrug2.gif
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Yesterday, [ profile] softlykarou accidentally woke me up while she was looking for something in our bedroom before she left for work, and it took me a while to get back to sleep. Eventually, after some fitful tossing and turning, I gave up on sleeping, grabbed my phone from my bedside cube (we sleep on a futon, so I have a low-to-the-ground cube instead of a table), and started checking Twitter. When that was exhausted, I grabbed my iPad, popped myself up on my pillow, and started reading the internet. Then, all of a sudden, my iPad's screen went all jagged like in this Super Mario Brothers video. After some fruitless effort to fix it, I was about to get up to go check my computer for information on how to fix it-

-and then I opened my eyes onto a dark room. My phone and iPad were both on the cube where I left them. My phone alarm going off had woken me up, which I assume, dear reader, you already knew because the subject of this post has "dream" in it. But I'm a little annoyed that the first dream I can remember in months is a dream of what I do every morning anyway with an anxiety-inducing ending.
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Here's a backdated index for all the posts I wrote about [personal profile] schoolpsychnerd and my trip to Japan with friends!
  • Friday, July 15 to Saturday, July 16 - Chicago to Tokyo - Mostly on airplanes.
  • Sunday, July 17 - Tokyo - Meiji Jingu, shopping, and Shinjuku park.
  • Monday, July 18 - Tokyo - National Museum, Clothes shopping, meeting a friend of [personal profile] schoolpsychnerd for dinner in Shinjuku, and the Final Fantasy cafe.
  • Tuesday, July 19 - Himeji and Hiroshima - Himeji Castle and a drinks truck in Hiroshima.
  • Wednesday, July 20 - Hiroshima - The Peace Memorial Museum, shopping, and a kagura performance.
  • Thursday, July 21 - Miyajima - Itukushima Shrine, climbing Mount Misen, and staying in a ryokan.
  • Friday, July 22 - Chiyoda! - Visiting and having dinner with our old students in the town we lived in!
  • Saturday, July 23 - Kyoto - Racist hotel, Pokemon center, and surprise festival performance.
  • Sunday, July 24 - Kyoto - Gion Matsuri parade, Fushimi-Inari, and parade at Yasaka-Jinja.
  • Monday, July 25 - Kyoto and Ōsaka - Sanjūsangendō, Shitennōji in Ōsaka, and the Tenjin Matsuri in Ōsaka.
  • Tuesday, July 26 - Kyoto - Hōnen-in in the rain, lunch in Gion, the Kanji Museum, and Torin yakitori restaurant.
  • Wednesday, July 27 - Tokyo - Otome Road, Akihabara, and gaming in an arcade.
  • Thursday, July 28 - Tokyo - Sailor Moon Cafe, the Ghibli exhibition in Roppongi, Super Potato, and dinner in Ginza.
  • Friday, July 29 - Tokyo and Toronto - Sakura manjū, one last ramen, and a flight home that worked out in the end.
What a wonderful trip!
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Like the question says, really. I originally had the tags only in Japanese, and then I added the English translations later so that it'd be useful for most of my blog's readers, who don't speak Japanese (or don't speak it well). But are they still useful? It makes it harder for other people to find the tags, they aren't in alphabetical order or even kana-based order--く comes before アfor some reason, for example--and a lot of the time when I'm writing, I'm in a hurry to find the tags so I just skip past the Japanese and read the English straightaway. Thus, a poll:

[Poll #1972984]
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My default icon, a quote from Lovecraft's Call of Cthulhu, has a misspelling. If you look closely, you'll notice it says "older then brooding..." rather than the correct "older than brooding..."

I find this incredibly distressing, and I didn't make the icon so I can't easily fix it. Maybe I should try anyway.

Edit: Haha! I fixed it! If you're curious now what I had to fix, the original is here.

I'm on a boat

2013-Sep-03, Tuesday 15:24
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Yes, that song I'm "listening" to is a real song, and it's exactly as bad as you're probably imagining it to be.

For Labor Day weekend, [personal profile] schoolpsychnerd and I went out to visit my parents in the suburbs, prompted by them mentioning that they had tickets to go on a boat ride on the Fox River, which was pretty much exactly like I expected. It was only an hour and the boat wasn't that fast--and it wasn't a real steamboat, since the paddle is just for show--but it was still really relaxing. There was even an overcast sky, so I didn't have to worry about being sunburned.

That's not the main thing I thought was notable, though.While I was looking through the stuff that I told my parents to throw away that they never threw away, I managed to find one of the books I was looking for--the World of Warcraft RPG, about which I'll have another entry later--and didn't find my Warcraft III CDs and had to buy them again, but one of the things I did find down in the basement while rooting through the storage room were the journals I kept in high school.

For pretty much the entirety of my four years in high school, I kept a pen and paper journal. I wrote at least a page every day, and sometimes more. Thinking back on that now, I wonder what exactly I wrote about? The daily minutiae of life in high school, I assume, and all the ponderings that only an adolescent who doesn't realize that their amazing philosophical insights have already been better expressed by others can think are worth writing down. That's what I remember going into that journal, and while I was there, I didn't pull them out and read them again. Maybe I should have. I've often thought of taking them and transcribing the entries in them into LJ, which wouldn't be as bad as it sounds because I wrote them using allusion and obfuscation with the aim of making anyone else who read them have a difficult time figuring out what it going on. Unfortunately, that works for me too--[personal profile] schoolpsychnerd read them a few years ago, and I couldn't answer most of her questions about them because whatever the context for the references within had long sense passed from my mind.

I think the main thing that I want to keep is continuity. I started out on Ujournal, which just vanished out from under me one day (which is why I back everything up on Dreamwidth, just to be safe). A while later, the entries came back on, and while I saved some entries (you can see them under my Ireland tag), I reasoned that I had changed enough that it didn't matter and let the rest go. I still regret that. I posted a lot of random stuff, and a lot of worthless stuff...or at least, that's what I remember. Even is gone now, so there's basically no way to get the others back. At least if I wrote down the stuff from my high school journals, it'd be saved, and in re-reading them to transcribe them would probably be personally valuable. But it's the probably that stops me, and also how much work it would be. Typing in more than 1500 handwritten pages would take a very long time. But if I don't do that, it'll probably get lost somewhere, like the other book and my WCIII CDs did. Ugh.

I haven't looked at it in over a decade. Maybe it doesn't matter.

"All go to the same place; all come from dust, and to dust all return."

Blog split?

2013-Jul-29, Monday 21:03
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I'm a bit tempted to shear off all the RPG stuff into its own blog. Would anyone keep reading it if I did so, or would that just reduce my readership to "me, and [Unknown site tag] when I remind her I posted something"?

[Poll #1926588]

Image fixed

2011-Mar-29, Tuesday 21:57
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There we go. Fixed my background image for wider browsers. It's a bit darker now, though. Any thoughts?

Edit: I tend to run with my Firefox window at around 900 x 600 or so, do I didn't even realize that there was a ton of space around the old one for a while. (^^)''
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Most of you, no doubt, have no idea where it comes from.

But I like it.


Two things

2007-Aug-08, Wednesday 12:01
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...neither of which I'm particularly happy about.

My employeer does not offer matching contributions to a 401K. It does offer a lump sum as a percentage of yearly salary, though, but it's anywhere from 1-3%, which isn't that great.

Also, a Comcast guy finally showed up, but there's wasn't much he could do, since (according to him) Comcast are cheap assholes who need something shoved in their face before they stop blaming it on you. He did suggest that we record the signal levels when the modem goes down, as well as saying that sometimes Comcast's equipment needs a bit to adjust to the heat/cold during changes in the weather.

He also lives in our apartment complex, and we have his number and permission to call during business hours. That, at least, is something.

It's interesting how, as the people I have on my friends page slowly graduate college and move onto other things, the amount of posts has crashed. There used to be 10 posts a day or so on average. Now, it's more like 3.


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